Topical Session “Challenges in Superconductor Cooling”

Yangtze 1

A special evening session will be organized on Tuesday September 20th on cryogenic cooling of superconducting devices. The aim is to discuss the challenges posed to cryocooling by superconductor applications, small-scale as well as large scale.

The session will start at 20.00, the location is Yangtze 1.

We will have 6 presentations of 15 minutes and will close with an informal get-together at around 21:30.

  • Marcel ter Brake (University of Twente)
    Introduction and Cooling in European Roadmap on Superconducting Electronics
  • Pieter Lerou (Kryoz Technologies):
    Microcooling developments
  • Jeremy Good (Cryogenic Limited):
    Conductive cooling of superconducting magnets
  • Alain Ravex (Absolut System):
    Cooling of rotating machinery
  • Ronald den Heijer (Stirling Cryogenics/ Cryozone):
    Feasibility of inline cable cooling in long-distance HTS power lines.
  • Chris Wulffers (Demaco):
    Novel cable cooling approach allowing for very large separation between cooling stations.

Conference participants who are interested to attend this session are requested to send an e-mail to

Topical Session “Medical Applications of Superconductivity”

Yangtze 2

A special evening session will be organized on Tuesday September 20th on Medical Applications of Superconductivity.

The session will start at 20.00, location is Yangtze 2.

20:00 – 20:05 Introduction and background to the evening session
20:05 – 20:50 Brief overview talks (chair Braginski):
20:05 “Diagnostics and Immunoassays” K. Enpuku
20:20 “ULFMRI development” J. Clarke
20:35 “MRI and next generation technologies” Carl Rosner
20:50 – 21:30 Short 5 min presentations (chair Clarke):
20:50 “MEG in research and clinics” S. Della Penna
20:55 “Recent Magnetocardiography in Japan” Akihiko Kandori
21:00 “Is there a killer application for cardiac Magnetic Field Imaging?” Sergio-Nicola Erne
21:05 “MEG and ULFMRI” P. Magnelind
21:10 “SQUID sensors for combined MEG and ULFMRI System” J. Hassel
21:15 “Multichannel SQUID system for combined MEG and ULFMRI” J. Nieminen
21:20 “Direct neuronal current detection by SQUID based low field NMR: a feasibility study in a phantom” M. Burghoff
21:25 “Low field MRI with magnetoresistive-based sensor” M. Pannetier-Lecoeur
21:30 – 21:40 Panel startup (moderator Weinstock):
“Experiences in bringing superconducting medical technology into real life – lessons learned from commercialization” Erne and Rosner
21:40 – 22:10 Panel discussion (moderator Winkler)
A. Braginski, J. Clarke, H. Weinstock, K. Enpuku…


Topical Session “Commercialization of Superconductivity”

Yangtze 1

A special evening session will be organized on Thursday Sept. 22 on commercialization of superconductivity. The aim is to highlight some of the history in superconductivity’s often challenging and unexpected paths to commercialization.

The session will start at 20:00, in Yangtze 1. David Larbalestier (Florida State University) will chair the session.

We will have four presentations of 20 minutes each (with an additional 5 minutes of questions) and will close with an informal get-together at around 21:45.

  • Carl Rosner (CardioMag Imaging)
    Exciting Business Stories from Applied Superconductivity
  • Johan Overweg (Philips Research)
    Superconductivity in Magnetic Resonance Imaging: the First 30 Years
  • Kenichi Sato (Sumitomo Electric Industries)
    Commercialization of High Temperature Supeconductivity: Experience at Sumitomo Electric and Japan
  • Alex Malozemoff (American Superconductor)
    Commercialization of High Temperature Superconductivity: the American Superconductor Experience