Plenary Talks

A number of plenary speakers of this conference have made their talks available for personal use.

Monday, 19 September
V. Selvamanickam:
Coated Conductors: From R&D to manufacturing to commercial applications (pdf)

J.E. Mooij:
Quantum information processing with superconducting circuits: quantum mechanics with self-made objects (pdf)

Tuesday, 20 September
M. Izumi:
Bulk High Temperature Superconductors (not available)

N. Hadjsaid:
Smart grids perpectives for superconductivity (pdf)

Wednesday, 21 September (History Day)
Peter H. Kes:
Kamerlingh Onnes’s Notebooks and the Discovery of Superconductivity (pdf)

John M. Rowell:
The Early Days of Superconducting Electronics: 1950 to 1970 (pdf)

Hiroaki Kumakura:
Evolution of practical superconducting materials (not available)

David C. Larbalestier:
Conductors from Superconductors (pdf)

John Clarke:
SQUIDs: Then and Now (not yet available)

Konstantin K. Likharev:
Superconductor Digital Electronics (pdf)

Herman ten Kate:
50 years of Superconducting Magnets for Physics Research and Medicine (pdf)

Mathias Noe:
History, State-of-the-Art and Perspectives of Superconducting Power Equipment (pdf)

Thursday, 22 September
J. Virdee:
The Large Hadron Collider Project and Superconductivity (pdf)
?Animation: Bottle To CMS (Movie)
?Animation: Build Detector (Movie)
?Animation: CMS Experiment (Movie)
?Animation: Detector Lowering (Movie)
L. Civale:
Comparative vortex dynamics in oxide, iron-arsenide and MgB2 superconductors (not yet available)

Friday, 23 September
M. Siegel:
Superconducting Radiation Detectors: Physics, Fabrication and Applications in a Wide Spectral (not yet available)

R. Flukiger:
Compounds With Higher Superconducting Transition Temperatures: a Search With Still Undefined Rules (not yet available)

S. Hasuo:
Past, Present, and Future of Superconducting Digital Electronics (pdf)

C. W. Chu:
A Possible Approach from BCS through HTS to RTS (pdf)