Committees and Members

Conference Chairmen

Horst Rogalla, Enschede, The Netherlands

Peter Kes, Leiden, The Netherlands

Conference Secretary

Dick Veldhuis, Enschede, The Netherlands


In the organization of the conference take part:

For the EUCAS:

Xavier Obradors, Barcelona, Spain

Dag Winkler, Gothenburg, Sweden

For the ISEC:

John Przybysz, Baltimore, USA

Xeiji Enpuku, Kyushu, Japan

For the ICMC:

David Cardwell, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Herman ten Kate, Enschede, The Netherlands


Program Committees:


John Przybysz, USA (Chairman – ISEC)

Keiji Enpuku, Japan (Co-chairman – ISEC)

Dag Winkler, Sweden (Co-chairman – EUCAS)

Giovanni Pepe, Italy

Paul Seidel, Germany

Hans Mooij, The Netherlands

Serguei Cherednichenko, Sweden

Large Scale

Pascal Tixador, France (Chairman – EUCAS)

Herman ten Kate, The Netherlands (Co-Chairman – ICMC)

Mathias Noe, Germany

Luciano Martini, Italy

Pierre Vedrine, France

Vitaly Vysotsky, Russia

Pradhan Subrata, India

Ying Xin, China

Chan Park, South Korea

Hitoshi Wada, Japan

Naoyuki Amemiya, Japan

Joseph Minervini, USA

Cesar Luongo, USA


David Cardwell, UK (Chairman – ICMC)

Bernd Holzapfel, Germany (Co-Chairman – EUCAS)

Herman ten Kate, The Netherlands

Xavier Obradors, Spain

Johannes Pedarig, Austria

Giovanni Grasso, Italy

Marina Putti, Italy

Wires and Tapes

Xavier Obradors, Spain (Chairman – EUCAS)

Mike Sumption, USA (Co-Chairman – ICMC)

Judith Driscoll, UK

Alexander Usoskin, Germany